Now, Back to Me…

I did it!  Made it through an entire No Narcissism weekend.  Not bad and actually fun.  Must take a moment to thank The Hobbler for the challenge!

But now, back to me!  Me!  Me!  Me!

Not really.  I want to talk about dating for a minute.  In a word, it’s difficult.  I’m pretty sure I don’t find it near as fun as I used to and often wonder (and by often I mean like every minute of every day) if it is really worth all the trouble.  I have a friend who is currently enjoying dating tremendously while I, on the other hand, am just ready to settle down.  I did all of the things she’s doing now 20 years ago.  It’s all out of my system.  She’s happy and I’m happy she’s happy, but for me, I need calm.  I want peace.  I want to know the man I’m dating is THE man.

All of this led me to think about ways to tell if we’re dating the wrong guy.  Here is what I came up with:

1.  If you are kissing your cat (or dog) more than you are kissing your boyfriend – wrong man.

2.  If you’re on a date and you’ve found yourself praying for it to end – wrong man.

3.  If you are looking at your current boyfriend and begin to think that your last boyfriend (who picks his ears and examines what comes out, cuts his toenails in bed, and worships Satan) might not have been near as bad as you thought before – you’re with the wrong man.

4.  You used to laugh at people who slept in separate beds but now you think it’s not such a bad idea – wrong man!

5.  You’ve started arranging “get me out of here” phone calls with your friends – probably with the wrong guy.

6.  You skip foreplay just to get the deed done and over with – yea, wrong man!

These are just a few signs.  I’m sure there are others.

Dating isn’t fun.

There must be an easier way.

Author: Lisa Summerlin

The Smoking Squirrel is my way of bringing happiness to the world. I firmly believe that laughter is the best medicine and sometimes we all need a negative-free zone. This is it. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Now, Back to Me…”

  1. I’m not sure how old you are, but from your picture I’m guessing your at least 15 years younger than I am, may be more, so let me just say, I was 48 before I meant ‘the right guy’ and I still have days when I wonder…
    relationships even past the initial ‘dating phase’ are just hard. Hang in there,


    1. I’m a couple of months shy of 44. I’m hanging but it is NOT easy! Very happy that you found your right guy though. Makes me smile when others are happy! I’m also happy to see your comment…tried to get to your blog this morning to do the Tag Me questions and it said your blog was gone! You are still blogging yes? Have a great day!


  2. It is so nice to not be dating…most of the time 😉 On another note: You know that game I mentioned playing on Friday? Would you be okay with playing Saturday instead? We might be able to get more people because it’s not a work day.


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