Giving Myself Awards…

Talk about reaching all new heights of narcissism!

Today, I am giving myself awards but not for blogging.

No, these awards are special in that they showcase my unbelievable restraint while dealing with the insurance company of the driver who killed my car.

I won’t mention the name of the insurance company…YET.  There may come a day when I do, but I’ll hold back for now.

To break it down as briefly as possible…

I’ve spoken to SEVEN different people from this company.  SEVEN.  Each of them claiming they have a role to play in settling this matter.

Today, I found out it basically boils down to only two people who should be resolving the issue.  One who handles the settlement regarding the vehicle and another who handles loss wages.

Now, to their credit, they did make the initial call as they are supposed to but happen to miss that call and you return it?  Fuggettaboutit.  They don’t call back.  It takes persistent returning of their initial call and a lot of crossing fingers in hopes they actually answer.

Now, I understand they must determine liability before they can proceed from their end, but this was done days ago.  The other drive is at fault as is evident by the ticket she received and the detailed police report provided to the insurance company.

In one case it took calls and a couple of emails to get the One Who Handles Lost Wages to get back to me only to have her tell me unless I used my vehicle to make money i.e., a taxi cab driver or traveling hooker (ok, the hooker thing was my comment) then they do not compensate for money you haven’t made while waiting on them to provide a rental car.  This is crap and I know they do so this means MORE haggling.

Today, I was told by the One Who Handles Vehicle Matters that she would be calling Enterprise to make arrangements for a rental and she would call me right back.  HA!  Guess what has not happened?  This was three hours ago.  It’s Friday evening, almost 7:30 p.m. EST…we all know that call isn’t coming this evening.  It probably won’t come anytime over the weekend either which means MAYBE this will happen Monday which means I’ll miss yet another day of work.

I’m quite aggravated and this close — to being officially pissed off, but I’ve held back.  Boy, have I held back.

So, in honor of my composure and restraint, I give myself the following:

Author: Lisa Summerlin

The Smoking Squirrel is my way of bringing happiness to the world. I firmly believe that laughter is the best medicine and sometimes we all need a negative-free zone. This is it. Enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Giving Myself Awards…”

    1. Well, so far maybe but it ain’t over, til it’s over. Probably I should’ve added some kind of clause, giving myself permission to retract the awards IN CASE I lose my patience!


  1. Okay, in another life, I was a paralegal and in one office I worked in we handled insurance law, personal injury (this is not only physical injuries, but lost wages and rental cars, annoyance and inconvenience – did you know you might be entitled to extra money just for the annoyance and inconvenience factor?) so, first, your insurance company should assign someone to deal with the other driver’s insurance, second, why didn’t your insurance company insist the other driver’s insurance provide a rental car? Anyway, not trying to tell you what to do or offer unsolicited advice, okay, I am but just because I like you and I’ve been where you are more than once, so I fully understand your frustration and you deserve more than these medals, because I would have lost my temper a long time ago, at this point I’d probably be inventing new vulgarities just for this occasion. Good luck with this.


    1. Well, like Lizzie said, they do have hundreds of claims and I realize mine isn’t the only one. I truly was pretty okay until yesterday and it hit me how annoyed I was about the whole not returning my calls thing. Every person I’ve called has a voice mail greeting that gives the day/date and then a long spiel about how they will return your call within 4 hours. But they just don’t. They apparently have a policy to change their voice mail greeting daily so my beef here is IF they aren’t going to return calls then LEAVE THAT OUT. Don’t say it if it isn’t going to happen. THAT annoys me. I’m not after any additional money. All I truly care about is being compensated in such a way that I can get another vehicle, a decent vehicle. I don’t need or want fancy. At this point, I don’t even care about the rental car since they will only pay for 3 days & that seems kind of pointless to me. BUT…it’ll all work out however it’s meant to! Thank you Katrina!


  2. HAHAHAHAHA!~ This is an excellent award LOL !

    Ask them if you hear nothing by monday if you can retain the rental on your own and submit the bill for payment. Make sure they authorize it though. 🙂


  3. There is one small frustrating thing to consider, while I completely respect that this is highly important to you, they have … hundreds of files. Not saying yours is not important, I am saying that it can take a little time sometimes. I know it’s their job, at the same time, like with my files, I may not be able to get to something in the next instant? I literally cannot even with the best of intentions. No. This probably won’t help your frustrations, however it is a reality. 🙂


    1. I know they do and really, up until yesterday I was mostly okay waiting. It’s when she said “let me set that up and call you right back” and hours later she still hadn’t called back…that bugged me. If it were going to take longer she should’ve just told me that. It’s the not returning calls thing that gets to me the most and the reason for that is b/c of their voice mail greetings. They ALL say “will return your call within 4 hours” yet they don’t. Not in four hours, not at all. THAT is what is so frustrating. And the thing about that is it seems they all change their voice mail greetings daily, you know to give the day/date and all. If they aren’t going to do what they say then they just shouldn’t say it!


      1. It is very frustrating I agree with you… Try this 🙂

        Call them back, say hello … I’m plah person, do you need my claim number ? etc., etc., I know you’re probably inundated with many other files, I wanted to know if we’ve gotten approval for my rental.

        Do this when ever you need something, always be polite, always say you understand that they’re inundated, and you thought you would save her some time … like, you’re doing it because you understand their desk. You see what I’m saying?

        I know, I know they should not say they’re going to call you back in 4 hours, I know this is VERY important to you, in these cases though, with the work load that they have, it can be difficult for them to give you what you need in the time you need it. It couldn’t hurt to try this approach… What do you think?

        Yes. It has worked for me 🙂


      2. Excellent advice! Let’s see how Monday goes. Hoping I can at least get a rental then so I can go to work! I’ve missed 6 days of work already. 😦 But I will remember what you said if I do need to call them. Thank you!


      3. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not that they do not want to get back to you … if you’re nice, politely assertive and continue to call … and pleasant, they’re going to be more willing to speak with and work with you. This has been my experience.

        6 days is quite a lot of time off. Oh my!


    1. Queen of Googling ova here! lol Did that yesterday and stumbled upon some terrible reviews for this company, all by people who are insured by them! Not people like me who aren’t. Thank you for the link!


      1. Awesome! You’re welcome. Remember too the staff is stifled by their companies rules. They’re doing what they’re told so educating yourself is going to help you quite a bit … It totally sucks that you “have” to in order to get what you need right now… but there’s truth to it.


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