CARTERISMS: Clever Things My Daddy Says

I entered some kind of blog challenge a long time ago.  Because it’s Fathers’ Day, I thought I’d share.

Tell us in 57 words or less the best advice you ever received from someone older than you that you admire.  

I’ve added to it so this isn’t 57 words.  Roll with it.

I decided to write a poem.  It’s not a good poem but shit rhymes so that counts, right?  My Daddy’s words of wisdom are bold.  I have to say these words have never failed me  – ever.

When you’re unsure and confusion says hello, always always…

Stick with what you know.

You don’t know what to think, your opinion you’re preserving?  Remember…

You learn a lot by just observing.

You’ve put it off all day, what will it take? C’mon man…

Let’s kill that snake!

You’re waiting on a friend?  It’s taking them too long?

Never make plans, nothing ever goes wrong.

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Author: Lisa Summerlin

The Smoking Squirrel is my way of bringing happiness to the world. I firmly believe that laughter is the best medicine and sometimes we all need a negative-free zone. This is it. Enjoy!

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