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Trifecta has a list of questions to answer before we link up.  Here they are (sort of) along with my answers:

My name, the real one, is Lisa Summerlin.  I did consider a fake name but decided to go with the name I was given.  Writing is personal for me and using my real name just works and feels comfortable. Besides, I’m not sure I’m creative enough to come up with some creative, jazzy fake name that won’t sound ridiculous.

Writing style in three words?  Hmmmm…scattered, heartfelt, evolving.

Online writing:  I don’t guess we should count the millions of clever Facebook status updates I’ve written, huh?  I’ve been writing online for over a year.  Originally for a company I did volunteer work for (I wrote their blogs) but dropped that.  My blog, Road to Nowhere, was created in December 2011.

Improving my writing:  learning new words…bigger words…smarter words.  I’m thinking I need to start reading the dictionary.  Probably, I could also use a lesson in punctuation.  I doubt myself in that area a lot.  Yes, I know the question asked for one way but I listed two.  (I wasn’t asked if I had the ability to follow directions).

Writing Advice:  I don’t recall much writing advice because I’ve not really thrown myself out there (as me) before I started Road to Nowhere.  I do get a ton of encouragement though and am ALWAYS open to advice!  Bring it on…PLEASE!

Favorite Author:  Just one?  Is this a serious question?  There are so many!  Nora Roberts, Dean Koontz, Christopher Paolini, Janet Evanovich, Joanne Fluke, Sandra Brown, Lillian Jackson Braun, Lisa Gardner, Ozzy Osbourne (that’s right!  I said Ozzy!  He’s written several books and none of them sucked), Arthur Conan Doyle, Sue Grafton…must I go on?  There is NO way to pick just one favorite.  Can’t do it.  Sorry!

Making time:  super easy in the sense that I just do.  Writing is necessary.  It’s a requirement and a regular part of my daily routine.

One word to use as a prompt:  plethora.  It’s one of my favorite words!

The one blog I’d direct everyone to is the one I wrote about my Daddy.  It’s the one I’m most proud of simply because I’m so proud of being his daughter.  There was a mega ton of love behind that blog.

Trifecta Challenge…

New to this and want to thank Edward Hotspur, LizzieC and El Guapo for turning me on to it.  Hah!  You guys are turning me on!

If I did not thank someone and I should’ve, then please point it out to me in a comment so I can do that.

I still need to post my link on the Trifecta website, but here’s my first go at a challenge:

Significant and unspoken,

I thought we knew each other and words were not always necessary.

Our relationship spans decades.

The phone rings at 4 a.m.

Dread fills my soul and fear grips my heart.

Unspoken words were misunderstood.

Smelly Blog…

UPDATE:  I changed my graphic…did anyone else notice I misspelled lavender on the first one???  LOL!

LizzieC, one of my favorite bloggers, posted an interesting blog the other day.  It smelled.  Really.  If you stopped and thought about what she wrote, you could smell her blog!  No scratching needed!  All you need is a good imagination and she’s got a great one.

She asked other bloggers to design their signature scent.  Her questions and my answers are below:

  1. What are the traits about yourself that you would like to convey in the Eu de you perfume?  Strong yet not overpowering, calm yet spirited, subtle but also bright. I like antiques so something with a vintage flair would be nice.
  2. When you think of these traits, what scents come to mind?  Patchouli, flowers (lilac, lavender), cinnamon, musk.
  3. So give us a formula for your perfect scent.  Musk, patchouli, just a hint of something flowery – I believe I’d go with a hint of lavender.
  4. What colors do you associate with it?  Earth tones, purples.
  5. What forms would you offer it in?  Lotion, powder, body spray, candles and incense.
  6. How would you package it?  For one, I’d make it affordable because it seems insane (in my opinion) to spend a fortune for a good scent.  I’d offer the items in a set, as well as individually.  The packaging my scent came in would be biodegradable and environment-friendly. 
  7. And very important what would you name it?  Now that I’m reading over this I’d likely go with “Touch of Lavender.”  I Googled this so I’m pretty sure it’s original as I could not find another scent with this name.

Finally, fill in the blanks.   The smell of English Leather reminds me of my father and this is a good memory of my childhood. 

My packaging might look something like this (I so wish I had Photoshop!   This is the best I could do with what I have):

Now that was a fun!

Day 2 – No Narcissism: My Father

Dedicated to a true hero…Joe Carter Summerlin

…a calm island in a world full of crashing waves and violent storms of confusion

…a fountain of knowledge, always willing to listen and guide

…shelter that constantly offers a loving embrace

…my rock – strength, courage and compassion

There are no proper words, not even enough words, to express the love felt for you, Daddy.

Forever my hero – the bravest, strongest man who has or ever will walk this Earth.

Valentine’s Day – Like Doom’s Day but Different

It’s a little early but I felt that getting this blog out there ahead of time might save a few folks from some embarrassment…and a night or ten in the doghouse.

The history of Valentine’s Day is rather complex and mysterious, believe it or not.  It’s really not about some fat little cherub wearing only a diaper shooting people in the heart with a magical love bow and arrow.  There is some real history with this special day.  I won’t bore you with details and if you want to read more, visit the History website, but I’ll break it down for you:

Theory #1:  this one is about a priest, Valentine, who performed secret marriages because a guy named Claudius decided married men made bad soldiers.  Claudius outlawed marriage so his young soldier recruits wouldn’t be so bogged down with family, responsibility, love.  This guy seems like a real ass but what do I know?  Anyway, Valentine decided he’d take it upon himself to marry folks in secret only to be put to death once Claudius discovered what he was doing.  Quite frankly, I think the whole “Emporer” title went to Claudius’ head and basically he was just a bitchy guy who obviously didn’t get laid much.  Now some theorists believe Valentine was killed for helping Christians escape Roman prisons, but I’m not falling for it.  The Emporer is GUILTY.  Valentine’s heroic actions perpetuated love!

Theory #2:  The story here is Valentine sent the first “valentine” himself.  He fell in love while in prison (how exactly does this happen anyway?  another day, another blog – I actually have a prison love story myself) and he sent a love letter to the girl he loved, signing it “From Your Valentine.”  I can’t find any details about whether this girl reciprocated in kind but I like to think she did.  Seems Valentine had a kind of rough life so he probably needed the affection.

Theory #3:  Valentine’s Day is a celebration of St. Valentine’s life and death.  However, others believe that Christians began the tradition of celebrating Valentine’s feast day during mid-February to give a religious spin on a Pagan event called the Lupercalia festival.  In ancient Rome, spring was the season of purification and people spent ridiculous amounts of time getting rid of dirt and sprinkling salt throughout their homes.  I’m giving a high-five to celebrating St. Valentine’s life and death because to put it bluntly, any day or festival that celebrates cleaning is crap.  Who needs that?  I want love and romance!  Not a day or season dedicated to sweeping and mopping!

Whatever the real story behind this wonderful day (that’s sarcasm…I’m single…it’s not that wonderful) I think Valentine was basically a romantic guy who got the shit end of the deal.  Quite frankly, if I see a chubby nappy wearing dude coming at me with a weapon, I’m kicking his ass.  So, to help all of you (men especially because you guys always screw this up) I’ve made a list of the Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever (these are in no particular order – they all suck):

1.  Light-switch plate with a monkey & heart on it:  I don’t even feel this one needs explanation just keep in mind men, that IF you give your woman this gift, every single time she turns on and off the light her ONLY thought will be what an idiot you are.

2.  Fake roses:  One word – TACKY. 

3.  Gift card or cash:  unless your woman specifically asks for this, DON’T do it.  The message here is “you are not important enough for me to waste time on looking for a real gift” or “I’m the laziest dude you know.”  Either way, you lose.

4.  Novelty sex gifts:  fuzzy handcuffs, edible underwear, Aphrodisiac cookbook?  ALL BAD.  Guys, this is the one day a year we truly want real romance.  None of these things say romance.  What they do say, however, is that you either think of us as hookers (and if that is the case, just skip  the novelty crap and hand over the cash) or that you are stupid enough to insult us in such a way you’ll never eat in our kitchen again, let alone have sex.

5.  Heart-shaped doormat:  really?  I could not believe I even stumbled across this gift while on my search.  Yes, if you want us to walk all over and wipe our feet on your heart and gesture of love, go for it but I don’t recommend it.

6.  Small appliances:  again, this is one of those things where unless we ask for it, don’t do it.  This should be reserved mostly for a random day where you can say, without fear of getting clobbered, “Oh, I remembered how much you hate our old coffee pot so I got you this brand new Keurig!”  Otherwise, don’t give your sweetheart a toaster because all she’ll do is stand in the kitchen, burning toast on purpose, wishing it was your head.

7.   Repeat of the same gift you got last year:  WE REMEMBER.

8.  A flying squirrel:  this one surprised me more than the doormat, but it seems some moron somewhere got his girlfriend a flying squirrel for Valentine’s day one year and subsequently, she ended up in the ER that night receiving a series of rabies shots.  This does NOT spell R-O-M-A-N-C-E.  Men, there will never be a time or place in any Universe where we’ll want a rodent for a gift.  It just isn’t going to happen.

9.  Anything weight loss related:  Trust me when I say, women live with their own personal self images and they are seldom ever good.  What we do not need is a reminder from the men we love that we’re not Supermodels.  This is a sure-fire way to be sure you NEVER see us naked again so think about that one before making the purchase.

10.  No gift at all:  forget Valentine’s day or don’t bother with a gift?  You’re doomed to a life of never being allowed to forget it and this is no way to live because we women can be relentless and we will go out of our way to make sure you regret it.  This will also set you up for years and years of having to make this up to us which won’t be much fun for you at all.

The truth of the matter is, women just want to be acknowledged.  I mean I can’t speak for every woman, but for me it’s just a matter of saying “I love you.”  I do not need fancy gifts nor do I want them.  This is not to say I’m giving permission for anyone to get me a flying squirrel, no.  But all I am saying is if you guys will THINK with your HEARTS and pay attention to women, then you’ll know the right thing to do. 

DISCLAIMER:  This blog can easily be reversed so women don’t screw up, too.  I do realize there are men out there who really appreciate romance and love to know they are loved.  It’s just women are SO much better at being romantic so that’s why I aimed this towards the male species. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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