Celebrating Women: Katrina Marie

Our last interview in this month of Celebrating Women is with my soul sister, Katrina Marie. In more ways than one, she has saved my life.

As with Janni, I also met Katrina years ago when I first began blogging. Her blog spoke to me in so many ways and I feel incredibly blessed that she is part of my life.

Her gifts are unique. Her words are powerful. She has given me so many valuable tools to help me learn and embrace my true self. She is genuine, honest, and insightful. She will ask hard questions that you’ll be shockingly relieved to answer. My advice: if you need Spiritual counseling/guidance, please reach out to her. I 100% promise you will not regret it.

Thank you for being such an amazing you, Katrina! I love you!

Tell us about your history. Has Spirituality always been an important part of your life?

Yes, Spirituality has always been a part of me. Who we are and our life are two different things.  My parents were very religious, but not spiritual. They were afraid of my gifts because the church didn’t approve and my parents were afraid if people knew I had spiritual gifts I could be put in a mental hospital. This was a real fear in the 1960s and 70s in Appalachian West Virginia. However, my Mom’s parents were Appalachian Granny Witches. For the readers that don’t know what that is, I invite you to research them. When I was home with my parents, I was lectured that just because I can do something, doesn’t mean I should do it. If God wants me to have something, he will give it to me. I was even made to recite and memorize scriptures because my Dad said it was good for me. In the following questions I will explain the effects this has on everyone.  When I was on the farm with my Mom’s parents, life was very different. I was allowed to be myself. I played in the woods sometimes with my grandfather sometimes alone. I learned how to live by the phases of the moon, how to communicate with animals, how to embrace each season and have fun with just being. So, yes, Spirituality has been part of me since birth.

How have the women in your life impacted your beliefs?

Growing up the women in my life were sadly not that helpful. The only spiritual woman I had around me was my maternal Grandmother. Everyone else in the family made fun of her because she bragged about her gifts, said she was a witch and refused to give in to societal norms. Fun side note, she and my maternal Grandfather were also school teachers. Well loved by their students and respected by their professional peers. The woman who has had and continues to have the biggest spiritual influence on me is my Daughter. She is as spiritually gifted as I am in somewhat different ways. But she gets me. She supports me. And she calls me when something spiritual is going on that she needs help with.

What about relationships? Has your belief system affected relationships in your life?

My spiritual gifts made all relationships nearly impossible in West Virginia. Don’t get me wrong, I love West Virginia and those good ‘ole country people. But even in current times, I have managed to scare off every man I dated. And it has affected female relationships also. I have had one true friend in my life that accepted me as me. But I am now married to an amazing Native American man who understands being spiritual, encourages me to be Me, and helps me with spiritual issues when I need him.

How have you dealt with negativity/criticisms towards your beliefs?

I hate to admit this but I didn’t deal with the negativity toward my beliefs until I was in my late 30s – early 40s. Before then I shoved my gifts, talents and beliefs down under my soul and they fermented into shadows of shame, guilt, embarrassment and feeling like I had to be a people pleaser to get and keep friends, relationships even drama free family. This happens to most people who ignore or deny their spiritual gifts. This is where the feeling of not fitting in, also thinking you’re dorky, or clumsy, not classy or socially acceptable. These are just a few of the issues that people deal with when they are not empowered to live the truth of who and what they are. This is what I base my services on. Helping people overcome religiously induced trauma and helping them come out of their spiritual closet.

Do you feel there is a difference between religion and Spirituality? If so, what are those differences?

There is a big difference between religion and Spirituality. Basically, to use metaphors, sitting in church thinking about fishing is religion. Sitting on the lake fishing and talking to whatever deity you believe in is Spirituality. Anthropologically, religion developed over time because people needed to feel safe with events they didn’t understand and/or that frightened them. They accomplished this by developing the belief system of higher powers. Spirituality has been around just as long, but it developed from a connection to the earth, and accepting gifts and talents as unique to each person and not something to fear.

What advice do you share with those you counsel who are on their own spiritual journeys?

Each person’s spiritual journey is unique to them. In sessions, my advice is based on their questions, fears, ailments, life views and goals. But one thing I tell every client is that peace, courage, and happiness comes when they decide they love themselves more than anyone who told them to be anything other than their natural, unique selves. True authenticity is where every person’s spiritual nature hides. The great spiritual journey can be whatever makes you happy. The people who do what they love in life are on a spiritual journey. The man who invented Sam Adams beer is on a spiritual journey because he loves what he does. Ozzy is on a spiritual journey because he loves what he does and he is true to himself. He has never let anyone tell him how to be Ozzy.

You’ve done Tarot readings for some time and I can certainly attest to their accuracy. Would you say readings are a learned ability? A spiritual connection? Both?

The spiritual gifts choose you. Your connection powers the gifts. And your gifts change over time. My Daughter can read Tarot but overtime she has developed an intuition that does not require the cards for her to read people. To segue into the next question, you need more than an interest in Tarot to be a spiritually connected Tarot reader.

Not all who offer Tarot readings are legitimate. What are red flags/warnings in which we should be aware?

What I look for in deciding if any spiritual guru, psychic, Tarot reader, etc. is legit is: they will not come to you, if they are sending messages, emails, etc. that you have to contact them right away or something bad will happen or you’ll miss  a big opportunity that might never come along again, my advice is to steer clear of them. Fear tactics are not conducive to a good Tarot reading or any type of psychic reading. Check with other people who have received readings from them. And ask them questions about themselves, their beliefs, how they feel when doing a reading, etc. If they’re legit, they welcome the questions.

Let’s talk about meditation. You are a big believer in meditation and its ability to de-stress, clear the mind, and bring peace. Are there other benefits? How does one who is new to the practice of meditation start?

This is a huge issue for me. I know people that use drugs to reach meditative states. In my opinion this is counter-intuitive to what you are trying to achieve with meditation. I think the first thing to understand about meditation is that just like everything we do, there is no right or wrong way. It’s what works for the individual. Sitting in a yoga pose eyes closed listening to my own breathing has never worked for me. I prefer to listen to calming music (whatever that is, even Ozzy, lol) and letting your mind relax until you realize you’re no longer thinking. I have also achieved great meditative states laying on the back of a horse (my first experiences with mediation happened this way when I was a child). I’ve meditated while floating in a pool, river, etc. I’ve meditated while sitting on my patio watching rabbits play in the yard. The goal with meditation is to stop consciously thinking about anything and allowing your mind to relax to the point your body also relaxes. The relaxation is important because it keeps energy from becoming stuck in your body. Stuck energy can cause illness, propensity for injuries and accidents, or just extreme fatigue.

I know you’ve been working on furthering your education and building a new and improved business. What can we look forward to in the future from you? How can our readers contact you?

Yes, I’m continuing my education for my own validation. My parents also thought it wasn’t necessary for women to have formal educations, lol. I’m so over that! I previously studied counseling, cross-cultural communications and comparative religions. But I wanted more. I recently finished a certification in Spiritual Life Coaching. I was just accepted into the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists. By the end of April, I will have completed 150 hours in Neuro-linguistic programming and an additional 150 hours in Energy Anatomy. I have applied to be a member of the Complimentary Medical Association, as well.

I am revamping my website. By mid-April I will have a new email address. For now, please feel free to check out my website with the understanding it is a work in progress. This is the link: https://katrinamarieslc.wixsite.com/katrina-marie. The email address to reach me is freefullife@gmail.com. I welcome all questions and am happy to provide more information about myself and my services.

In the first question/answer, Katrina suggested researching Appalachian Granny Witches so I did. I was only a bit familiar and found some fascinating information. If you’d like to read more about these wonderful women, here are resources:

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