Spring: A Deeper Clean

***This is re-post. I gave it some thought after I originally published and decided it wasn’t quite complete.***

Ah, Spring! A time for new beginnings. We all feel the need to make a fresh start, to clean. We start making lists, organizing closets, deep cleaning our homes but what if we did a deeper cleaning? One that would make a lasting difference to our sanity.

Here is what I propose. Clean out everything that causes you stress. You know, those difficult things that you’ve been putting off because you’ve not wanted to face them but they sometimes keep you awake at night. Start simple.

Email. We all hate it. If you’re anything at all like me you can go days and weeks without checking email. Resolve now to clean out that inbox. Unsubscribe from every mailing list that isn’t absolutely relevant to your life. Remove old contacts from your list. Empty that trash. Hear the Hallelujah Chorus when it’s done!

While unsubscribing…what about subscriptions? Magazines that no longer interest you, TV/streaming services that are costly or you don’t use as often as you thought or maybe you have snail-mail coming in you simply do not need. Unused apps on your phone? Get rid of all of those things! Cancel, cancel, cancel!

Schedules. Give them a good once over then give them a twice over. What can go? There must be something you can give up that is driving you crazy. Just do it. For some reason, we have a hard time saying no. JUST SAY NO. Say no now and get in the habit of saying no to anything you truly do not want to do.

Attitudes. Is your attitude crap? Give it some thought. Has negativity taken over your thoughts and your mouth? See a need for improvement? Then improve it. This is a habit-changing activity and it may take a bit to see results. That’s okay. Helpful suggestion: seek out positive quotes that make you feel happy. Make them visible so you see them daily. Maybe come up with a positive mantra and get in the habit of repeating it when needed. You can do this. It’s okay to be happy.

Health. Gained a little winter weight? I wont’ lie. I sure did. Lost your grip on your food choices? Yep, I’m guilty of that, too. Let’s get re-gripped, shall we? Start exercising again. Doesn’t have to be a huge deal. Start off slow then work your way up to what you are comfortable with. Make better food choices. Again, it isn’t necessary to change everything at once. Start small. Make a switch from white bread to whole grain and move on from there. Some people are into the whole “summer body” thing. That’s not me. I’m just happy when my thighs don’t chafe during the hot months.

Toxic relationships. This is a big deal. It can also be difficult to do. The thing is, it needs to be done. Most everyone has or has had a toxic relationship. I’ve had my share and I’m fortunate in that I’ve had the wherewithal to rid myself of these people. Did it take strength and courage? Yes, it did. More than I realized I had. The thing is we’ve all got strength and courage. Maybe you don’t know you have it but you do. If a relationship is making you unhappy, examine it. Decide if that is a relationship you do not need. If it is one that you’d be better off without then be without it. Keep in mind a toxic person will very likely give you grief and probably lay on a guilt trip. Remember that is part of why they are toxic and why you are better off without them.

Word of caution: do not attempt all of these at once. Make a plan. Breathe. Then follow your plan. If you have a setback, know that is okay. Re-visit your plan. Make changes if you need to. Breathe. Then follow your plan again.

I realize it can all seem overwhelming but keep in mind these benefits:

  1. Relief. You’ll feel relief after you tackle these areas of your life.
  2. Liberation. You’ll enjoy an incredible sense of freedom.
  3. Happiness. You might not realize happiness while you’re de-cluttering your life but trust me, when it’s all said and done you’ll be happy.
  4. Productivity. De-cluttering your life will boost your productivity. You’ll find when you’re not stressed you’ll get more done and can focus your energy on where you need it to be.

Important! You’ve de-cluttered and you’ve worked hard. Remember to reward yourself!

What are your suggestions for a deeper spring clean? I’d love to hear them!

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