Celebrating Women: Renee – A Weight Loss Journey

March is about celebrating women and the is the first interview of four remarkable women that I’ll share with you this month.

Meet Renee and get a glimpse into her weight loss journey. Here she shares personal details of what she has gone through and her story is inspiring! While gastric bypass surgery isn’t for everyone, Renee has had a great experience with greater results.

Tell us about your background. Has weight always been an issue for you?

Weight has been an issue for me as long as I can remember. I was the chubby kid as a little girl and as I got older I was always the big girl. I think I was one of the lucky ones even though most people made fun of me. I had good friends that loved me for me and didn’t care about my weight.

Did your weight cause you to deal with any limitations? If so, what were they?

Limitations yes of course. I couldn’t keep up with the others when I was young so that left me alone a lot. It limited me in the men that were interested in me so more often than naught I was the third wheel.

At what point did you decide enough is enough? Was there a specific turning point for you?

Let’s see, enough was enough when my health started going bad and fast. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure put on two different medications. My legs were swollen terribly to the point I was put on another medication. I was pre-diabetic could barely walk to the end of the driveway and honestly wasn’t sure how long I would have and for the first time in my life I wanted to live. I had a future to look forward to not just exist.

You chose surgery to help with your weight loss. What led you to this decision? We’re there obstacles to overcome before surgery?

The decision to have surgery was actually an easy one. I had been researching surgery for 5 years or so and when all the health issues started my primary care provider recommended it. When I checked with my insurance it was covered…okay, decision made. But obstacles were not that bad. The worst was the waiting and the insecurity if I could actually do it. I had failed at weight loss so many times I was sure I would do something wrong to mess this up also.

Some people feel weight loss surgery is unnecessary and all one needs to do is eat healthy and exercise to lose weight. What is your response to those who criticize weight loss surgery?

I won’t lie, I was definitely not eating right or exercising but I had done that year after year with the same results. I would lose 30-40 pounds and then gain it right back. I couldn’t seem to be able to do it alone. I needed help and the surgery was the tool I needed. And that’s what it is. It’s a tool. If I don’t use it correctly, I don’t lose. It’s not a quick fix or an easy way out. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done but it has worked. All those medical conditions and medications are gone. I’m slowly building my stamina and can walk 20 minutes and still breathe. Best thing I ever did.

Talk about your recovery from surgery. Was healing difficult? Did you experience restrictions during recovery?

I took three weeks off for recovery and probably could have used another. Healing was painful as you have 5 incision sites in your abdomen and of course no matter how you move you are pulling one of them. It was a good week and a half before I even felt like moving much but we are told to at least walk a couple of times a day. That first week and a half I got to the end of the driveway and barely made it back inside to sit down. After that it got easier. I was making two laps and losing weight very fast. But getting very tired. The first week you only eat about a medicine cup full of liquid 3-4 times an hour. Second and third week you add in baby food and pureed foods but still no more than a few bites. By the fourth week you are slowly adding in soft food eggs and cream of wheat and corn beef were my go-tos but I couldn’t eat a whole egg. I couldn’t even eat the baby serving for cream of wheat.

How have your diet and eating habits changed since surgery?

Well I kinda started on this one in 6 but after the restrictions were lifted my habits changed in amount mostly. I never know if what I’m about to eat will settle well or not. One day I may be able to eat half a grilled chicken breast the next the same thing may make me sick. In the six months since surgery I have learned to replace potatoes and pasta with green beans and zucchini. I’m still not perfect and do have meals that I have the potatoes but I’m trying more and more to replace with the better choices. A typical meal now consists of 3-5 ounces of meat/protein 1-2 tbsp of veggies or potatoes or pasta or some combination of the veggies and carbs. A meal before consisted of 3-4 times the amount of all of that plus dessert. I can’t believe the amount of food that I used to eat.

To date, how much weight have you lost?

Since 8/28/18, I have lost 73.8 pounds. I have gone from a 26-28 size pantsand  3-4x shirt to a 16-18 size pants and a large -xl shirt.

Fashion Alert! I’m guessing you’ve shopped for new clothes, yes? That must be a blast! How did you feel trying on new clothes?

I actually only went shopping recently after I was given such a hard time about nothing fitting. I couldn’t believe I was in an 18. I had not been there in 15 plus years. And when I went to buy my wedding dress, the one we picked out the sales clerk said I don’t think this one will fit but we can get an idea. The feeling of that dress zipping all the way up is indescribable. I have never felt more beautiful and can’t wait to wear it at the end of the month.

Renee with her fiance, David.

Lastly, what advice would you give anyone considering weight loss surgery?

Advice that’s easy. Don’t wait. The one thing I regret is not doing it sooner. I feel better than I have in years. I have more energy and I’m enjoying life so much. Don’t let anyone talk you out of surgery. This is a very personal and difficult decision and one only you can make. Be strong and don’t give up it will all be worth it.

If you are interested in gastric bypass surgery, please visit WebMD for more information.

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